Where to Start Reading Moon knight

Moon Knight, Marvel’s enigmatic and complex vigilante, has captured the imaginations of readers worldwide. If you’re new to the character or looking to dive deeper into Moon Knight’s rich comic book history, this guide will help you navigate the vast array of stories. Discover the essential starting points and iconic runs that showcase the fascinating world of Moon Knight.


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“Moon Knight: The Bottom” 

For those seeking an ideal starting point, “Moon Knight: The Bottom” is a highly recommended introduction to the character. This modern take, written by Charlie Huston and illustrated by David Finch, delves into Moon Knight’s gritty world as he battles crime in the seedy underbelly of New York City. The story showcases Moon Knight’s psychological complexities, his multiple identities, and the supernatural elements that often surround him. “The Bottom” establishes the foundation of the character’s personality and sets the stage for his ongoing struggles with morality, sanity, and his unique connection to the moon god Khonshu.

“Moon Knight: From the Dead” 

Written by Warren Ellis with stunning artwork by Declan Shalvey, “Moon Knight: From the Dead” presents a fresh and innovative take on the character. This acclaimed six-issue series explores Moon Knight’s detective skills and his unique connection to the moon. Ellis’ storytelling and Shalvey’s atmospheric artwork combine to create a captivating and visually striking narrative. “From the Dead” showcases Moon Knight’s battle against a mysterious and violent cult, solidifying his role as a formidable and complex hero.

“Moon Knight: The Complete Collection Vol. 1”

For readers looking to delve into Moon Knight’s early adventures, “Moon Knight: The Complete Collection Vol. 1” is an excellent starting point. Collecting the character’s first appearances and initial solo series from the 1980s, this volume showcases Moon Knight’s origin, his struggle with multiple personalities, and his introduction to the Marvel Universe. Written by Doug Moench with artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz, this collection immerses readers in Moon Knight’s noir-inspired world and establishes his unique identity among Marvel’s roster of superheroes.

“Moon Knight: From the Dead”

The 2014 “Moon Knight” series by writer Warren Ellis and artist Declan Shalvey offers another noteworthy entry point. This acclaimed run presents a self-contained story arc, perfect for readers looking for a modern and accessible introduction to the character. Ellis’ exploration of Moon Knight’s fractured psyche, coupled with Shalvey’s dynamic artwork, creates a visually striking and psychologically intense reading experience. This series received critical acclaim for its innovative storytelling, establishing Moon Knight as a complex and intriguing hero.

“Moon Knight: The Complete Collection Vol. 2”

Continuing the exploration of Moon Knight’s early adventures, “Moon Knight: The Complete Collection Vol. 2” collects the character’s seminal stories from the 1980s and early 1990s. Written by Doug Moench and featuring artwork by various talented artists, this volume delves deeper into Moon Knight’s complex psyche, introduces new adversaries and allies, and showcases his evolution as a superhero. It provides a comprehensive reading experience that expands upon the foundations established in the first volume, offering a deeper understanding of Moon Knight’s world.

Whether you’re new to Moon Knight or a long-time fan, this guide provides a roadmap to the character’s captivating comic book history. Starting with essential stories like “Moon Knight: The Bottom” and “Moon Knight: From the Dead,” readers can explore Moon Knight’s complex personality,

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