Top 20 Trauma Bonding Quotes

Let’s know Trauma bonding quotes: Trauma bonding is a type of psychological attachment that can develop between two people, often in the context of an abusive or unhealthy relationship. It occurs when a person experiences repeated traumatic events or stressors, such as physical or emotional abuse, and becomes emotionally and/or physically attached to their abuser despite the harm they cause.

Best trauma bonding quotes that you never read in your life

  • “Trauma bonds are like superglue for the broken pieces of our soul.”

  • “Trauma bonding is when we hold onto the pain that hurts us the most because it’s familiar.”

  • “Trauma bonds keep us attached to toxic people and patterns, until we learn to heal and let go.”

  • “Trauma bonding is a paradox; it creates both the strongest and weakest ties in our lives.”

  • “Trauma bonds can turn even the worst situations into a twisted sense of comfort and security.”

  • “Breaking free from trauma bonds requires courage, vulnerability, and a willingness to face the unknown.”

  • “Healing from trauma bonds is not about forgetting the past, but about freeing ourselves from its grip.”

  • “Trauma bonding is a survival mechanism, but it can also prevent us from truly living and thriving.”

  • “The journey to healing from trauma bonds is a process of self-discovery, growth, and liberation.”

  • “Letting go of trauma bonds is not easy, but it is the first step towards a life filled with love and happiness.”

  • “Trauma bonds are the chains that keep us connected to our tormentors, even as they hurt us.”

  • “Trauma bonding is a strange mix of fear, love, and Stockholm syndrome that keeps victims stuck.”

  • “Trauma bonding is the paradox of feeling both trapped and attached to a toxic relationship.”

  • “Trauma bonding is not love, it’s survival.”


Trauma bonding is a psychological phenomenon that occurs in abusive or toxic relationships, where the victim becomes emotionally and/or psychologically attached to their abuser, despite the negative and harmful experiences they have endured.Trauma bonding can cause individuals to remain in toxic and harmful relationship.

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